down and dirty

Addiction isn't Freedom

Down and Dirty is all about living in freedom and not lettin’ anything control us. So it makes no sense to use tobacco, because being addicted to something ain’t freedom.

Check out the facts below and always live tobacco-free.

  • Nicotine, the addictive chemical in tobacco, can reach your brain in 10 seconds.1
  • Nicotine can change the way your brain works, causing you to crave more and more nicotine2
  • Smokeless tobacco can be just as addictive and controlling as cigarettes.3
  • Addiction means you’re hooked. It keeps you craving a substance, like heroin, nicotine, or alcohol.4
  • Even though someone knows something is bad for their health, like tobacco, they still use it because they are addicted.5

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about why we choose to live without tobacco products.