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E-cigs ain't harmless

E-cigarettes and vapes are new, so we’re still learning about them. But we wanted to figure out how they can affect your health. Now, we know there are several different types of e-cigs and vapes available, but it turns out that no matter what type someone is using, the aerosol they’re breathing isn’t harmless. Check out the video below to see more about what we found.

More info on e-cigs:

  • Many e-liquids contain nicotine and nicotine is highly addictive.1
  • Listing ingredients isn’t required for e-cigs or vapes and there’s no way to know just how much nicotine is in an e-cig.2
  • Just because a label says there’s no nicotine doesn’t mean it's true – there’s just no way for us to know for sure.3
  • E-cigs don’t produce just water vapor, they produce an aerosol that can include harmful chemicals such as nickel, lead, and benzene.4
  • Benzene can be found in truck exhaust and some e-cig aerosols.5
  • Some of these chemicals can damage your lungs and may have other negative health consequences.6
  • Other chemicals that can be found in e-cig aerosols include toluene, xylene, cadmium, chromium, and diacetyl. Toluene and xylene can cause headaches, eye irritation, or dizziness.7
  • The inhalation of some flavorings have unknown health effects and may harm your lungs.8

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